About Frank – the Motorhome Mutt

I’m Frank – the Motorhome Mutt! Nothing special about me, just an everyday common scruffy hound, but my story is pretty special. I was found in a hunter’s cabin in Spain, abandoned and in pretty poor shape. I was rescued and brought to the UK by Scruffy Dog Rescue.

Jacqui found me on a facebook post (to be fair, I am pretty cute) and persuaded Mike, her husband, and much against his better judgement, to give me a chance at a new life on the beautiful North East Coast of England. I thought I had gone to heaven! Food, cuddles, comfy sofa and endless walks. They don’t even give me a hard time when I chew on shoes, slippers etc. They know I’ll grow out of it and that I’m really just seeking attention.

They took me to training classes so I could learn how to interact with other dogs and train Jacqui and Mike to give me treats on demand (seriously ‘sit’, ‘down’ ‘leave’ – all for bits of chicken – too easy!)

But then, just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, they bought a motorhome, and then a caravan! It’s so awesome!! We’ve been to some very nice places, mainly in Northumberland and Yorkshire, but we have plans to do more trips to far-flung exotic places, like Derbyshire soon! I gotta be honest, I much prefer the caravan – way more space to stretch out and doze!

Read all about my adventures here!

Also, if you want to know whether your dog or your wife, husband, significant other is your best friend, try this simple experiment…. Lock them both in the trunk of your car and come back 2 hours later – which one do you think will be happiest to see you!