An Insider Scoop: Chatting with RVing Dog Lovers

For many, man’s best friend is truly considered a part of the family, deserving of a place on family holidays and adventurous endeavours. If you’re an RV owner and dog lover, joining these two passions might seem like the perfect idea. But what does that entail, and how do you ensure a smooth experience for both you and your four-legged friend? Drawing from the insights of fellow RVing dog enthusiasts, dog-friendly travel routes and location selection, managing behaviour, and memorable adventures and destinations, this piece serves as an ideal guide to prepare you for the journey.

RV Travelling with Dogs: Basics

Hitting the Open Road: Tips for Embarking on an RV Adventure with Your Furry Friend

Journeying across diverse landscapes, exploring quaint towns, and sleeping under a canopy of stars— an RV adventure offers an incomparable taste of freedom. But, what if the companion sharing this incredible journey has four legs, a waggly tail, and fur softer than cotton?

Ah, yes. The furry comrades. Whether a dashing dog or a secretive cat, they add an extraordinary spark to the adventure. Their playfulness and companionship can transform a typical RV journey into a memorable experience. Yet, travelling with pets requires a tad more planning and consideration than setting off solo. Fear not! Here are some tips to ensure a splendid RV adventure with your dear pet.

  1. Health Check-ups
    Getting your pet examined by the vets before setting off is paramount. Ensuring they are healthy, up-to-date with vaccines, and protected against fleas or ticks will provide peace of mind during the journey. Might this be a bit of a faff? Probably. Worth it? Most definitely.
  2. Pet-Friendly Sites
    Not all campgrounds or RV parks welcome our four-legged travel buddies. Thus, research prior to your journey is crucial. Numerous websites and apps provide information on pet-friendly locations, complete with amenities, rules, and reviews.
  3. Heat Consideration
    Remember, pets do not tolerate heat as humans do. If you plan to travel in sunny weather, install sun shades or fans in the RV to keep your pet cool. Additionally, never leave your pet locked inside the RV under the relentless summer sun.
  4. ID Labels
    Should your curious cat or dog decide to embark on an unexpected adventure of their own, you’ll want a reliable method of identification. Tags with your updated contact details or a microchip can prove to be absolutely vital.
  5. Comfort Items
    Bringing a piece of home along – your pet’s favourite blanket or toy – can help them feel secure in unfamiliar environments.
  6. Supplies
    Well, this one might seem obvious but it’s too important to miss! Ensure that you pack enough food, water, waste bags, and— don’t forget— treats!
  7. Routine
    As much as our wanderlust hearts may abhor routines, our furry companions thrive on them. Try to maintain their usual eating, playing, and walking routines. This constancy can help them adjust seamlessly to the pace of the road.
  8. Vehicle Safety
    This might invoke a dull nuts-and-bolts McGyver moment, but consider investing in pet harnesses or carriers for vehicle safety. Travel stress can affect pets just as it does humans. By keeping them secure during transit, you ensure not only their safety but also their comfort.

With these tips in mind, the open road beckons. The combination of a faithful motorhome and a faithful pet is one to embrace. So let the wheels roll, and immerse yourself and your pet in the enchanting symphony of travelling. This is not just a trip, it’s your own wonderfully peculiar fable being written with every passing mile. Smashing!

A happy dog and its owner exploring nature together in an RV adventure

Managing Your Dogs Behaviour and needs while On the Road

Welcome aboard, fellow rovers! Isn’t life fun just flowing along with the steering of your trusty RV, ready to greet every new page that turns on your ongoing travel saga? Now, picture having a faithful furry comrade on board while you’re carving your path through the wide-open map. The perfect accompaniment, wouldn’t you say? Well, just as we navigate new adventures, our delightful doggos have their unique aspirations and demands to tend to. Let’s dive right in and discover splendid strategies to let your canine co-pilot enjoy the ride just as much as you.

Grab your notes, mates! How about starting with tackling ‘Exercise and Entertainment’? After all, a happy pup is one that’s had their daily dose of exercise. When planning your route, try to include dog parks, hiking trails, or bodies of water for a nice splash about. If you’re destined for a lengthy stretch of tarmac, ensure you’ve got interactive toys to keep them busy.

Next in line, ‘Feeding and Hydration’. Pay special heed to your furry friend’s diet when you’re on the go. Hydration is paramount; remember to stop for plenty of water breaks or consider a dog water bottle with a built-in bowl for easy access. Carry your furry friend’s favourite kibble and canned food. Fresh fruits and vegetables, in permissible quantities, can also be a fun and nutritious snack to break the monotony of their diet.

Moving on, let’s not forget the ‘Toilet Breaks’. Narrative as it may be, it’s an essential part. Your pup’s going to need frequent pit stops to answer nature’s call. Try and maintain their usual schedule as close as you can. Portable doggy loos may seem funky, yet they prove to be a lifesaver during those long, desolate stretches of road.

Now, the crucial part, ‘Behaviour Training’. If your four-legged co-adventurer gets a tad bit too excited or anxious at times, it’s important to reinforce good behaviour using positive reinforcement – treating and praising when they follow commands can be hugely effective.

Taking a flip, it’s essential to consider ‘Weather Conditions’. Now, though we’ve already covered heat, it’s also essential to pack accordingly for the colder climates. Ensure you have enough warm gear for your pal; a comfy coat may just do the trick.

Lasty, not to get serious all of a sudden, but ‘Emergency Preparedness’ is a pivotal point. It’s essential to carry a pet first aid kit and know where the nearest vet is located in each place you’re visiting. Better safe than sorry, wouldn’t we agree?

In essence, chums, it’s all about creating a home away from home for our furry buddies – in our rolling abodes. Adventures are all about spontaneous twists and turns, and having your pup by your side simply multiplies the joy. So let’s gear up, keep these tips handy, and hit the road with our tails wagging!

A dog sitting in an RV, ready for adventure

Unique Adventures and Destinations with Dogs

Title: Unforgettable RV Travel Adventures with your Furry Mate: Top Dog-Friendly Destinations

Just as we can’t stop gushing about the joy of RV travelling, our furry companions also express the same through their wagging tails. But where, exactly, should you head to when travelling with your pets in a recreational vehicle? Here are some outstanding pet-friendly destinations that let both you and your canine companion have a gala time.

  1. First on the list is the Lake District, called England’s green heart for a reason. Its bucolic beauty will bewitch you while your dog gets busy exploring the sprawling fells. One can also find numerous dog-friendly campsites and overnight parking places in Lakeland, from where you both can set out to explore the myriad trails and lakes.
  2. Next up is North Wales, blessed with rolling hills, pristine lakes and inviting beaches. It’s got everything one needs for a perfect caravanning holiday with a tail-wagging friend. Remember to visit Snowdonia National Park, which offers numerous pet-friendly walking routes, and Anglesey’s 125-mile coastal path offers plenty of sniffs for your four-legged companion.
  3. Fancy a bit of hiking with your dog? Then set a course for the Scottish Highlands. Known for dramatic landscapes and unmatched tranquillity, this region gives ample opportunity for a canine to stretch their legs while you soak in the awe-inspiring beauty of the surroundings. Not to forget, the campsites across the Highlands welcome pets, making it a perfect motorhome destination.
  4. Down in South West England, Devon draws wanderers from afar with its sandy beaches, picturesque villages, and inviting public footpaths. It’s a winner for dogs who love the beach as much as forest trails. The Dartmoor National Park allows dogs all year round, allowing you and your furry friend to explore the iconic granite tors without constraints.
  5. Aims in France is a haven for caravan travellers with dogs. With over 85% of its campsites being dog-friendly, your four-legged friend will have plenty of space to frolic. The sandy beaches, medieval towns, vineyards and traditional markets make it an attractive destination for humans too!
  6. Finally, should a road trip across Europe beckon, don’t forget to include Croatia in your itinerary. The country’s stunning Adriatic coastline is known for numerous dog-friendly beaches. Istria region, in particular, accommodates campers and their pets with open arms.

Planning an RV adventure with your four-legged companion doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the aforementioned destinations, you’ll find that the world is truly filled with puppy love. Remember, a well-prepared trip not only keeps the humans happy but also ensures wagging tails.

Image of a dog and its owner enjoying a scenic RV travel adventure, exploring beautiful destinations together

The freedom of RVing with your dog by your side brings an unparalleled intensity to your adventures. Every turn brings new smells, scenery, and opportunities for your canine to explore. The practical tips and personal experiences shared by dog-loving RV travellers radiate with the joy and bonds that are fostered, validating the effort put into planning and preparing. Our journey together through the nitty-gritty of RV travel with dogs serves as a testament to the love and dedication we shower on our dogs, enhancing the thrill of exploration as we traverse new places, making memories that forever mark our hearts and strengthen our bonds.





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