What Gadgets to Get: Dog-Friendly RV Accessories

Awakening the spirited soul of a traveller within you, isn’t it delightful to have your furry friend accompany you on your adventurous sojourns? While experiencing the world through your campervan’s window, the importance of utilising RV friendly gadgets to ensure the comfort and security of your canine companion cannot be understated. The benefits of such gadgets range from serving a practical purpose to providing an added safety net. Among the motley of captivating devices, a few standout accessories include a portable dog potty, a dog-friendly ramp, and a state-of-the-art GPS dog tracker, all of which will make your RV trips enjoyable for both you and your tail-wagging partner.

Portable Dog Potty

Travelling with a furry friend can be the sincerest form of joy, seeing the wonders of the world mirrored in their wide, awestruck eyes. It’s quite a treat, isn’t it? But even as you dash from destination to destination, it’s essential to ensure your loyal canine ‘goes’ with decorum.

Invest in quality products. High-quality poo bags are a travelling essential for every dog parent. Biodegradable and scent-free options will serve you best, both in preserving the environment and protecting your olfactory senses. And truly, is there anything better than a bit of sneaky sustainability?

Embrace portability. Compact, travel-sized waste bag dispensers could be attached to a leash or backpack – all the essential accessories for any digital nomad and their pup, in other words. A decent shovel might also be considered a ‘must-have’ for off-road adventures or camping under the star-strewn expanse.

Consider comfort. Even the most dignified of canines need a hand to ‘go’ in unfamiliar settings. A comfortable, collapsible travel potty that caters to their size will ensure they’re not scuffling with unease with every ‘nature’s call’.

Maintain Hygiene – always. This is not only for your pooch but also for your fellow travellers. Develop a tidying-up etiquette – poo-poo pick up is nonnegotiable, and that includes while hiking the unbeaten path where being one with nature doesn’t mean littering it. Remember, every environment that you travel to is home to other species, so respect all boundaries.

Train them right. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you’ll find that a bit of travel potty training can speak volumes in maintaining the dignity of your adventures together. Keep consistent with spots and schedules where possible –dogs are creatures of habit, after all.

Change of water can upset your canine’s digestive rhythm. Having a supply of familiar water (like bottled water from home) in the beginning days of travel can be helpful until the little one gets accustomed to the water of your new location.

Food also plays a crucial role in when and how your pet will need to go. Adjust and monitor food habits while travelling, keeping plenty of nutritious dog-friendly munchies on hand that won’t upset their tummy.

The bond between a dog and its parent holds resilient even through the wildest of adventures. Understanding and catering to each other’s needs along your journeys will not only ensure tidier, environment-friendly travels but also deepen the bond that makes you two the most dynamic of duos.

Remember, as you take on the world together, ensuring your cherished pooch can ‘go’ with dignity is really just another aspect of respecting the world you’re so enthusiastically exploring! So, pack up and lace up those walking shoes, your next adventure awaits, fellow nomad and loyal canine at your side, ready to explore with grace and dignity.

A dog sitting in front of a scenic mountain view

Dog-Friendly Ramp

Venturing into the unknown is always thrilling but riding solo may not always be your cup of tea – it certainly wasn’t mine. Having a four-legged friend by your side can truly enrich your travel experience, creating an unbreakable bond that is quite simply, inimitable. But as you all must be acutely aware, there can be the occasional bump in the road. For instance, what could be more difficult than getting your canine counterpart aboard your RV?

No need to hit the panic button just yet, my free-spirited crusaders. Through my countless trials and tribulations of trotting the globe alongside my furry companion, I’ve picked up a few practical solutions to common problems like this that may just make your life on the road a tad easier.

Boarding Aids for Dogs:

Perhaps one of the most efficient methods to get your dog into your RV is with dog ramps or dog steps. These products can be invaluable, especially for older dogs or those with health troubles that may restrict them physically. Look for sturdy, still lightweight and easy-to-store versions. The bonus? You’ll be simultaneously saving your back the strain. Often, RVs will have built-in steps but these may not be of the most suitable size for your pooch, so do consider what works best for them – as with everything!

Harness Gravity:

Dog-lifting harnesses provide an ideal way of getting your pet off the ground and into your vehicle. They’re designed to safely distribute the weight of your dog during the lift, sparing them discomfort and you from any potential back injuries. These come in various designs, some of which can double up as car-harnesses for added safety during journey.

Walk Up:

Once again geared more toward smaller breeds and puppies, pet strollers can be used to transport dogs in and out of vehicles. Convertible versions can also work as a carrier, car seat or even a travel bed – all in one!

Now, parklife isn’t always plain sailing with a pet in tow; it comes with its own minor adversities. But when you come home to a wagging tail after traipsing through the wilderness, sinking your feet into the sand of a secret hidden beach, or simply sitting cosied up in your RV as the rain gently patters on the roof, it all becomes worth it. You see, travelling with a dog isn’t about mitigating the difficulties; it’s about embracing the unexpected obstacles, rolling with the punches, and appreciating the tantalising adventure that is your life.

That’s all to say – go forth; roam wild and free with your furry companion in tow. Let the journey weave its magic as you unknot the mysteries of the world together. These are memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime, and even on the toughest days of your travel, the beat of a dog’s tail will always echo as a score of love that sings you back home.

Remember, every hurdle you clear makes your bond even stronger and the adventure, even more memorable. So take on board these nuggets of wisdom, approach these challenges with optimism and continue on your exciting journey. It’s just another chapter in your wonderfully wild travel tale.

Until we meet again on our next adventure, travel safe and keep those tails wagging!

A dog wearing goggles and sticking its head out the window of a moving RV, enjoying the view.

GPS Dog Tracker

Struggling with wayward Fido on your travels? Breathe easy, fellow nomads; the solution isn’t far off. Our pooches are born explorers at heart, often joining us in our daring adventures and escapades across the globe. Some breeds are way more adventurous than others – if you have a Terrier, you’ll know what I mean! They bring in an infectious energy to our travels while making it feel like home, wherever we wander. So, it’s only fitting that we give them the freedom to roam while ensuring they’re safe and secure. Here are some golden nuggets, from dog lovers who’re born globetrotters, to help ease your worries.

“Secure heedful homing”

Now, the world pulsates charismatically with nuances waiting to be explored. And expect your dog to sniff out every nook and cranny! A temporary homing solution such as portable dog tents or mobile pet enclosures can prove to be invaluable. These innovative essentials offer a safe, comfortable haven for your pet as you set camp or rest.

“Implement a dawdle-friendly lead”

Even the most obedient dogs can be lured by the alluring unknown, testing the extent of their leash. Choose a long training lead that allows your dog the freedom to meander while keeping them in your sight. I’m not a big fan of retractable extendable leads. They can cause issues of control where you are unable to interject should your pooch become excitable at a distance. Do be aware how you attach this lead – I recommend a harness rather than a collar. This will spread any jerks when the dog comes to the end of the lead length – of course a reliable recall is way better than any leash (…. in Frank’s case, we’re a way off this!).

“Intelligent Wander-Preventing Tech”

Invest in smart pet technology designed for unexpected wanderlust. GPS pet trackers tag along discreetly on your dog’s collar giving live location updates accessible on your smartphone. It simplifies finding a runaway Rover, quelling the panic usually associated with an AWOL pet! This is especially important when in unfamiliar locations where your dog may not be able to find their way home.

“Buddy-up with fellow travellers”

A journey shared is an adventure doubled! Get your dog acquainted with fellow travel buddies, whether two-legged or four. Dogs are pack animals and like the company. Plus, more pairs of eyes keep a watch over an adventurous pooch, reducing the chances of your dog wandering off unnoticed.

“Crack the Recall Code”

Alongside sit and stay, ‘come’ could be the most lifesaving command for your pet. Recalling your dog in time, especially in potentially dangerous situations, can prevent mishaps on the loose. Positive reinforcement training utilising treats, toys or affection, can help your dog ace the vital recall command. I’m not a certified dog trainer, but games like ‘follow me’ and ”find it’ can accelerate recall training success.

“Invest in Puppy-Proofing”

Think baby-proofing, but for your precocious pet! Dogs are as curious and fearless as toddlers when it comes to exploring. So, when you’re staying in accommodations like holiday homes or rental apartments, using a portable baby gate or pet barrier offers protection from staircases, balconies, or unfamiliar environments. Fly screens and inside training leads can prevent a real ‘Fenton’ moment in a park or touring camp!

“Proactive Socialisation”

Familiarise your pet with varying environments, noises, and creatures to make them less likely to dart off in fright or curiosity. The more exposure your dog gets to different sights, sounds, and smells, the more confident and relaxed they will be around these stimuli. See my post about fireworks night.

Adventures with your best fur-friend don’t need to be fraught with fuss and worry. Embrace solutions to keep both of you happy, safe, and ready to explore. After all, the journey is the destination! Keep wagging those tails and walking those trails, explorers. Every little hitch is a barrell of laughs and tails down the road.

Curtailing the escapades of an explorative pet may seem arduous. Yet, a dash of preparation, a sprinkle of patience, and a generous dollop of love can make travels with your pet the most pawsome expedition. Best foot (and paw) forward, fellow nomads!

Image of a dog with a backpack ready to travel

After all, the essence of RV travelling is exploring the unknown with a sense of freedom and comfort. And, if your partner in crime happens to be your beloved canine, equipping your van with dog-friendly accessories is a must. From portable dog potties and ramps smoothing daily activities, to GPS dog trackers keeping a keen eye on every move, these gadgets work seamlessly to ensure that your pet’s journey is as joyful and safe as yours. Having these on-board will not only enhance your dog’s RV travel experience but will also bring peace of mind to you as an owner. So venture out, explore the wilderness, chase the horizon and above all, appreciate the shared moments with your furry friend, knowing that your RV is well equipped to cater to their needs.


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