Best Calm Dogs for RV Adventures

Some dogs take to life on the road better than others – obviously there are exceptions even within breeds but choosing the right dog breed for RV travels involves understanding the typical temperament of certain dog breeds and the unique challenges and opportunities this lifestyle presents. Here I look at how certain dog breeds seem to take more easily to life in an RV by highlighting their suitability through temperament, training adaptability, and their needs for comfort, safety and sense of security.

Characteristics of Calm Dog Breeds

When choosing a dog breed for RV travels, certain traits make some breeds better suited for the compact living and unpredictable nature of life on the road. The key to a peaceful journey with a furry companion lies in the dog’s temperament and adaptability. Breeds known for their calm demeanor, such as the Labrador Retriever or the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, thrive in changing environments, showing a remarkable capacity to adjust to new sights and sounds without undue stress. These dogs often possess a gentle and willingness to please nature, making them excellent travel buddies as they can easily adapt to the close quarters and periods of inactivity within an RV. Furthermore, their sociable temperament enables them to interact amiably with other campers and pets they may encounter during their travels. Other dogs (are you listening, Frank and most other terriers??!) could learn from these guys!

Training and socialization from a young age play an important part in preparing a dog for RV adventures. Consistency and patience are key alwaus key in training but particularly so during this process; introducing a dog gradually to the movements and sounds associated with travel can lessen anxiety and promote a relaxed composure. Breeds with a predisposition for calm behaviour also tend to be more receptive to training, making the process smoother for both pet and owner. In addition, low-energy breeds, or those that require less exercise relative to high-energy breeds, find it easier to adapt to the confined space of an RV, as they don’t demand extensive physical activity to remain content. While the energy levels and exercise needs are important considerations, the dog’s general temperament is paramount; a calm, adaptable breed can turn the challenges of RV travel into a relaxed and enjoyable experience for both owner and pet.

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Top Calm Dog Breeds for RV Living

Embarking on RV adventures with your furry friend in tow can transform a good trip into a great one, especially when the canine companion lounging by your feet is as laid-back as the journey itself. Among the roster of commendable calm breeds, the Bulldog and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel reign supreme. Bulldogs, with their amiable and tranquil nature, are practically made for the leisurely pace of RV life. Their penchant for lounging rather than lengthy hikes makes them perfect companions for those who prefer the serene view from the RV window rather than a bustling trail. Mind, their laid-back attitude does come with a snore-heavy soundtrack, but that’s all part and parcel of their charm, right? And of course, if you’re into healthy hiking (as many RV owners will be) you may end up wandering the trails alone!

Swinging to a slightly more sprightly beat, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is another gem for the travelling troupe. These bundles of pure joy come equipped with an abundance of love and a demeanour so gentle they can stay calm amidst extreme change and turbulence. Cavaliers warmly embrace the RV lifestyle, eagerly awaiting the next scenic stop or cosy cuddle session on the sofa.

Their adaptable nature and keenness for companionship mean they’re just as content exploring new settings as they are napping in confined spaces. It’s their versatility, really, that cements them as top-tier travel buddies. For them, home is where their human pack is. And of course , a Cavalier’s soulful disposition can brighten moods just as effectively as the first morning sun glinting through the RV’s windows.

Border Collies can also be a good choice. They are whip smart, super-loyal, adaptable and always willing to please. Downside for some is they need a ton of exercise, so long journeys will need to be broken up to give this hound a walk and menatl stimulus. They can also tend to want to round up other animals on the campsites, so keep them under close control! Despite the challenges, they are probably one of my favourite breeds to travel with.

Now, although we travel with Frank, our rescue terrier, I would caution against choosing a terrier breed if their main purpose is to accompany you on road trips. They can be obsessively prey driven, super curious and even a little nervous when subject to changes in routines. They can also become quite territorial, leading to what might look like aggression when strangers come close to their home.

Frank a cute terrier lounging on a RV` sofa
Just chillin’

However, a well trained terrier that is secure and comfortable with its owners can become a treasured travelling pal. Just like you, Frank!

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Training Tips for a Smooth RV Journey

When prepping your furry mate for RV travels, it’s crucial to carve out a designated spot for them inside the vehicle. This isn’t just about marking territory; it’s about ensuring they feel secure and settled no matter where you’re parked up. Start this at home by setting up a cozy nook that mirrors their RV space, complete with their favourite blanket or toy. This area is their safe haven, where they can retreat when the outside world gets a bit too bustling or when they need a nap. Introduce this space gradually, with heaps of positive reinforcement – think treats and belly rubs – so they associate it with comfort and safety. Before you know it, they’ll be making a beeline for their special spot every time you start the engine.

Now, onto the nitty-gritty of obedience and behavior. Basic commands such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘come’ are not just party tricks; they’re essential for a smooth-sailing journey. But here’s the kicker – practice these commands in environments similar to what you’ll encounter on your travels. If you’re planning to explore nature parks or bustling campgrounds, incorporate distractions into your training sessions to mimic these settings. Noise distractions can be replicated using recordings or by training near a busy park. Remember, patience is key. Fido might not get it right from the get-go, but with consistency and a truckload of patience, you’ll both get there. And let’s not forget about reward-based training – it’s the golden ticket to reinforcing those positive behaviors, ensuring your pup is not only well-behaved but also eager to please during your RV adventures.

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Essential Gear for RVing with Dogs

Ensuring a comfortable and safe RV trip for dogs involves more than just a cozy nook; it requires a well-thought-out packing list tailored for your canine companion. Essential gear includes a sturdy harness and a reliable lead for those vital rest stops and exploration breaks. Safety is paramount, so consider a vehicle restraint or a travel-safe crate to keep your furry friend secure on the road. Water can sometimes be an afterthought, but a portable, collapsible water bowl is crucial to keep hydration levels up during pit stops or while enjoying the great outdoors. Don’t forget to bring along a supply of their regular food to maintain dietary consistency, minimising any potential tummy troubles.

Another key aspect is ensuring the RV environment is as dog-friendly as possible. Non-slip mats can be a game-changer, preventing slips and falls as the vehicle moves. For those chillier evenings or when the AC is a touch too cold, a dog-specific, warm blanket or an extra cushy bed ensures comfort during sleep. Pack toys and chews to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated during lengthy travels; it can ward off boredom and prevent possible destructive behaviours borne of restlessness. Remember, an engaged and comfortable dog makes for smoother journeys. With these measures in place, setting out on an RV adventure with your dog becomes an enriching experience both for them and for you, brimming with shared discoveries and bonding opportunities.

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Embarking on RV travels with a calm dog breed by your side offers an unparalleled opportunity to create lasting memories while exploring new horizons together. By prioritizing breeds that are known for their serene demeanor and adaptable nature, preparing them thoroughly through targeted training, and equipping them with essential gear, you set the stage for a fulfilling adventure filled with joyous companionship. It’s about more than just sharing space; it’s about enriching each other’s lives through shared experiences and mutual understanding.






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