Easter in Your RV – A Fun Guide

Easter might not be the most glamorous of holidays but, coming when it does at the beginning of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, it can be a perfect time to kick start your road trips and adventures. So the Easter break presents a unique opportunity to blend tradition with travel. Here I’ll show you some fun ways to celebrate, including hosting Easter egg hunts on the road, and decorating your mobile space to get into the Springtide mood. By using a little creativity and imagination, we can make the best of limited spaces, turning them into fun centres of celebration, making every moment of the Easter weekend special and memorable.

Easter Egg Hunts on the Go

Organising an Easter egg hunt in an RV setting might seem a tad challenging given the small space, but it’s absolutely doable with a dash of creativity! The first trick is to make the most of every nook, cranny and secret corner. RVs are chock-full of hidden spaces – think under seats, in overhead compartments, or even nestled in the nook of a window frame. (be careful to avoid spaces with gas and water taps and other controls that might get disturbed)

But why stop inside? Expand your playground to the area outside the RV? I’m assuming if you’re setting up Easter events in your RV, you’re likely to be parked in a campsite or similar open area, perfect for hiding eggs among natural own hidey-holes. Just remember to keep a keen eye on where those eggs are hidden – you wouldn’t want to end the day with any unclaimed treasures, waking up to a somewhat curious wildlife assembly!

To make the Easter egg hunt that more special, personalisation is key. Imagine Easter eggs painted with each participant’s favourite colours or patterns, or sports team logos, or even filled with custom goodies tailored to their likes. This not only adds a layer of excitement as finders unlock ‘eggs-clusively’ designed treats but also shows a thoughtful effort went into planning. For an added twist, how about themed riddles leading to the next egg? It’s a fantastic way to stitch in a bit of brain-teasing fun – and teaming people with their hounds can make it a competitive sport. And don’t forget, safety comes first – ensure all dyes, paints, and treats are non-toxic and allergy-friendly, considering your audience. At the heart of it, an RV Easter egg hunt celebrates community and creativity, making the most of limited space, and lighting up faes with smiles and cherished moments. Tailoring the experience to your travelling companions ensures a memorable adventure, hopping down the Easter bunny trail right from the comfort of your RV doorstep. Do remember most chocolate is toxic to dogs, so having alternative doggy-prizes will keep them engaged and safe!

An image of an Easter egg hunt taking place in an RV setting, with colorful eggs hidden both inside and outside the RV, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Easter Crafts and Decorations in an RV

Shifting gears towards decorating your RV for Easter, injecting a dose of creativity and festivity into your travelling home can make the Easter weekend feel incredibly special. One whimsical idea is to create an Easter-themed mural along one of the walls of your RV, internal or outside, using removable vinyl stickers or tape. Picture bright pastel colours shaping bunnies, eggs, and flowers. These can be a family affair, drawing everyone into the decoration adventure. Not only does this add a pop of Easter spirit, but it’s also a charming backdrop for those all-important holiday photographs.

Crafting with the family or friends can also bring an additional layer of warmth to your Easter celebrations on wheels. How about starting a tradition of making DIY Easter cards? Set aside an afternoon, bring out the crafting supplies—think cardstock, pastel markers, stickers, and maybe even some glitter for a touch of sparkle. Everyone can create personalized Easter cards for each other or to send back home. It’s a wholesome, heartwarming activity that has the added bonus of producing mementos to remember your Easter RV adventures by. This way, the essence of Easter doesn’t just stay within the walls of your RV, it reaches out to loved ones far and wide, sharing a piece of your journey and the joy that comes with it. You could even create a few extras for your RV’ing neighbours – after all, strangers are just friends we haven’t yet met!

An image of a family inside an RV, decorating the interior with Easter-themed decorations like bunnies, eggs, and flowers. They are smiling and enjoying the festive activity.

As we wrap up our ideas for celebrating Easter in an RV, it’s clear that space constraints need not limit the joy and festivity that this season brings. Through creative egg hunts and heartfelt crafts, we’ve seen how an RV can become a hub of Easter cheer. These activities not only foster a sense of community but also ensure that every participant carries with them cherished memories long after the holiday has passed. So let us embrace these ideas with open hearts, allowing them to guide us in creating an unforgettable Easter experience on wheels. Now, hop off and have a great time! Let us know what you got up to in the comments below!






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