Safe RV Travelling with Your Canine Companion

Travelling with man’s best friend can often elevate recreational vehicle (RV) journeys from good to great, providing an unparalleled sense of companionship and immense joy. Still, this delightful prospect requires thorough preparation and understanding to ensure your furry companions remain comfortable, safe, and healthy throughout the journey. Encompassing necessary modifications in your RV, devising strategies for maintaining canine health and safety, and familiarising oneself with the regulations and etiquettes of dog travel, this comprehensive guide aims to cover all areas pertaining to managing dogs in your RV. This will enable you and your lovable dogs to relish in the splendour of travel, all whilst observing the due decorum.

RV Preparation for Dogs

The Ins and Outs of Preparing Your RV for a Perfect Dog-Friendly Adventure

Let’s be candid – life on the road is simply not complete without our furry friends joining in on the adventure. They add an extra zest to our travels, turning even the most ordinary landscapes into magical playgrounds for chasing imaginary creatures and bounding joyously. So, with that heart-warming picture in mind, let’s delve into creating a perfect dog-friendly environment in your mobile home away from home: your Recreational Vehicle (RV).

Choose Pets Before Purchasing an RV

First things first, the ideal dog-friendly RV begins right at the purchase. The breed and size of the pooch should be taken into account. Larger dogs will require more space, and an RV with a spacious living area and plenty of storage for dog food, toys, and bedding is an absolute must. Dogs are part of the family, after all, and their comfort should be a top priority.

RV Ventilation

Dogs, much like humans, enjoy fresh air. Proper ventilation in an RV is essential to ensure they remain healthy and content throughout their travels. This can be achieved through fans or by simply opening windows for air circulation. Remember to consider seasonal temperature variations; proper heating and air conditioning can be the difference between a contented pooch and an uncomfortable pet.

RV Flooring Matters

Opt for pet-friendly RV flooring. Skid-proof and scratch-resistant flooring such as vinyl or laminate is a game-changer. This consideration not only makes clean-up a breeze but can also reduce potential trips and slips for boisterous pets.

Prep and Pack Smart

When packing for you and your furry friend, it’s wise to keep certain essential items on hand. A repair kit for any minor accidents, plenty of food and water, leash, toys, and a comfy bed are all must-haves. Don’t forget to pack pet-friendly bug and pest repellents.


Ensure the RV is ready for any potential medical emergencies for your pet. A stocked first-aid kit, know-how on any pet health concerns, and information on nearby animal emergency clinics can be critical for your pet’s wellbeing.

Have a Routine

Even the freest-spirited dog will appreciate a routine, particularly in the unfamiliar environments travel so often presents. Regular feeding times, play periods, and dedicated slots for walks will help keep your dog-contented and well-behaved.

Gate Them If Needed

No matter how much you trust your dog, some boundaries are necessary. Baby gates or dog barriers can come in handy, especially while driving. They can work both ways, keeping the dog in its dedicated space and away from potential in-transit hazards.

Remember, our loveable four-legged companions depend on us for their safety and well-being, so extra preparation is key. Make their travel experience as wonderful as yours with these smart RV preparation tips, and you’ll be ready to conquer the open roads in no time together. Happy and safe travels!

An image of a dog-friendly RV with a happy dog sitting inside, ready for an adventure.

Dog Health and Safety


Wagging Tales: Safeguarding Your Canine Companion’s Wellness on RV Adventures

Venturing cross-countries in your motorhome is an unparalleled experience; throwing your four-legged friend into the mix, simply amplifies this delightful escapade. This transcendent blend of loving companionship on the open road is undeniably wholesome, guaranteeing rich memories of sunsets and shared snacks. Naturally, your furry friend’s wellbeing is paramount, exigent to an enjoyably frisky freedom on the road. So, pull up a lawn chair, don your sun specs, and engage with our top tips to keep your dog sprightly and secure throughout your RV journey.

Brace for the Weather:

Mother Nature is a fickle maiden; offering balmy sunshine one minute, and a tempestuous downpour the next. Equip your RV with high-quality heating and cooling systems, ensuring your dog’s comfort whatever the climate. Always stow an assortment of doggy clothing; the warmer fleeces for chillier climes and lighter garments for sun-drenched adventures.

Pack Nutritious Food:

In the whirlwind of an adventurous spirit, it’s easy to allow the fundamentals to slip through the cracks. However, a balanced diet for your dog is non-negotiable for bolstered health. Take high-quality dog food and treats. If you’re trekking to far-flung locations, anticipate what your dog needs nutrition-wise, and stock up for the entirety of the journey. Fresh water is also a must; dogs can dehydrate fast, particularly when active in the warmth.

Decompression Stops:

Dogs, much like humans, need a breather between lengthy travel periods. Plan multiple stops for your dog to stretch their legs and take care of business. This can prevent travel sickness and also gives a mental reprieve, ensuring your dog remains calm and content on the road.

Up-to-date Vaccinations:

Different regions can present different health hazards for your fluff-ball. Predetermine your route and consult with your vet about any necessary immunisations to safeguard against regional diseases. Keep your dog’s rabies jab, in particular, up-to-date, as it’s legally required for travel in many territories.

Microchip and Tag:

If worst comes to worst, and your curious canine gives you the slip on your travels, a microchip offers the best chance of being reunited. Ensure your details are current on the chip, and fix a tag to their collar with your current contact information.

Regular Vet Check-ups:

While on your peregrination, regular check-ups with local veterinarians help ensure all stays shipshape with your pooch’s health. Look out for changes in behavior or eating habits, and get to a vet ASAP if anything seems out of the ordinary.

In Essence: Travelling with your dog in an RV doesn’t have to be stressful or worrying. Make certain your dog is comfortable, safe, well-nourished, and socially satisfied, and you’re in for a treat of a journey. Follow these measures, and let the wind guide your motorhome to uncharted territories, heightened bonding, and unwavering canine joy on wheels. Bon voyage!

A dog happily riding in an RV, looking out of the window with its tongue out, enjoying the journey.

Travel Regulations and Etiquettes

Doggie Tourists: Regulations and Etiquettes for Travelling With Dogs in an RV

Venturing on an odyssey with your canine compatriot within the comfort of an RV is truly a remarkable experience. However, it’s vital to be aware of and respectful of the regulations and etiquettes associated with this kind of adventure.

  1. Understanding Public Space Rules: Different locations have different rules when it comes to dogs in public spaces. Many places require leashes or harnesses, while some may even prohibit dogs altogether. Use digital resources or consult local information centres to familiarize yourself with the rules of each destination you plan to visit.
  2. Managing Noise Levels: Dogs communicate and express emotion through barking, whimpering, or howling. RV parks and campgrounds, on the other hand, often maintain quiet hours for the comfort of all guests. As such, be mindful of your furry friend’s noise levels to avoid disturbing fellow travellers.
  3. Cleanliness is a must: Strict waste disposal is a fundamental etiquette not only for maintaining cleanliness, but also for preventing diseases. Carry a sufficient supply of biodegradable poop bags or a portable pooper scooper. Remember, it’s not just etiquette, but often a strict rule at RV parks and camping areas.
  4. Prevention of Damage: Dogs, especially when in a new environment, can be prone to dig, scratch, or chew unfamiliar objects and surfaces. To prevent damage to the RV, park, or campground, provide your dog with suitable chew toys and keep a watchful eye on them during outdoor activities.
  5. Respect for Wildlife: While on the journey, you may encounter a variety of wildlife. Training your dog not to chase or harass animals is not only respectful to nature, but also keeps your pet safe from potential dangers.
  6. Identification and Control: While exploring surreal landscapes, it’s paramount to keep your dog on a leash, a harness, or within a moveable fenced area to prevent them from wandering off. Moreover, ensure your dog’s ID tags and microchips are up-to-date, to make it easier for them to be identified if they get lost.
  7. Health and Safety Regulations: Various places have rules requiring up-to-date vaccinations, deworming, and flea and tick control for dogs. Keep a copy of your pet’s health records accessible in case there’s a need to verify this information.

In essence, travelling with dogs in an RV requires a blend of common courtesy, respect for wildlife, and adherence to local rules. So, pack up, buckle in, and set out on your adventure, knowing that you’re well-prepared to create fantastic memories with your four-legged friend on the open road.

Image of a dog sitting inside an RV, ready for travel

With careful planning, responsible behaviour, and an understanding of your dog’s needs, travelling with your canine companion in your RV can transform from being a challenging task to a fulfilling experience. The modifications to the RV, attention to health and safety, along with adherence to travel regulations and etiquettes all contribute to creating a harmonious atmosphere for both dog and owner. It is our sincerest hope that this guide enables you to create countless precious memories with your dogs, as you explore the world together on your four-wheeled home away from home.





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